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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need to book in for Daycare?
A. Yes please! A minimum of 2 days in advance - we need to ensure we have enough team members to look after your beloved pooch, so please go here to book

Q. What do I need to bring for my dog?

A. A collar with a name tag, proof of up to date vaccinations, special food for any dietary requirements provided in an airtight container and any required medication (if applicable) - clearly labelled with name and instructions.

Q. What vaccinations are required?

A. We ask all our guests to be fully vaccinated and have their Distemper, Hepatitis, and Parvo (DHP), Canine Cough (KC) vaccinations up to date.

Q. Does my dog need to be de-sexed before coming to Paw Palace?

A. Yes, we don't take intact or unneutered dogs. Puppies are exceptions – please contact us to confirm.

Q. Can I bring my dog if it's in heat?
A. Unfortunately No. She will set off all the males and we like our guests to all play nicely. We'll accept her 2 weeks after she has come off heat. 

Can I bring my dog's belongings with them when they stay?

A. Only if your dog is very anxious and 1 x clearly labelled piece of toy or small blanket or a piece of clothing might ease its stay. We have our own bowls, toys and blankets, so there is really no need to bring anything from your home.

Q. What food do you use?
A. We provide a variety of Royal Canin Dry food suitable for all different dog sizes and this is covered under your boarding rate.

Q. Can I bring my dog’s own food?
A. You certainly can! There is no additional cost for this, however, we do ask you to provide the food in an airtight container that is clearly labelled with name and feeding instructions.

​Q. My dog is on medication - is this ok?
A. That is totally fine – we will medicate your dog as required at an additional charge of $2.- per day.

Q. Do you cater to dogs needing insulin injections?

A. Yes, the team is all trained in how to give injections.

Q. I have two dogs. Can they share a room during their stay?

A. They certainly can! We have double-sized rooms specifically for dogs from the same household to share, or extra large breeds that need a bit more space to stretch out.

Q. Will my dog have somewhere to rest when they come for daycare?

A. We have an indoor playroom that our daycare guests can access whenever they feel like having a rest. With a large, comfy couch and plenty of beds and cozy blankets, it's the perfect spot for some chill out time.

Q. Can my dog have a bath before coming home?

A. Yes! We can bath our guests at the end of their stay to have them all fresh and clean before heading home! Prices are dependent on types of bath and size. Please send us an email or give us a call for more information. 

Q. Do you offer a grooming service?

A. We certainly do at our Papakōwhai site! In Our Services section you will see the various types of grooms we offer. Prices are dependent on the type of service. Please send us an email or give us a call for more information.

Q. Can I come and visit/look around Paw Palace at Glenside before I decide to book?

A. We hold a Tour on Saturdays at 11.30am, excluding high season (all holidays), and these need to be booked by sending us an email.

Q: Can I come and visit/look around Paw Palace at Papakowhai before I decide to book?

A.  We hold a Tour on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between 10am - 11.30am or 1-3pm excluding high season (all holidays), and these need to be booked by sending us an email.

Q. My dog isn’t very social - can he be kept apart from other dogs?
A. We assess our new dogs for their suitability to socialise within our dog care facility. We do not train dogs and expect dogs to be able to behave appropriately and socialise well with other dogs. We will work with you through a phone consult and assess whether your dog can benefit from a first trial and we can discuss with you what the next steps should be. We will advise you what best can be done if your dog is not suitable for our environment.

Q. Can my dog be walked?
A. Yes – we have a beautiful walking track and love taking our guests for a walk at an additional charge of $15.- per walk.

Q. What hours will my dog be outside/inside?
A. Our guests are generally outside from 7.30 - 11am and then 2.30 - 5.30pm, weather depending. If our guests prefer to spend a shorter time outside, we have indoor space for them to relax in as well.

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